Certain Things to Keep in Mind Before Going in For a Massage Service

When it comes to pampering ourselves, there is nothing that can beat getting some spa services like a manicure and pedicure along with an additional massage service, right? Massages not only help in getting rid of the apparent bodily tensions and knots but also help soothe and calm down the mind as well. Massages can be very therapeutic and can offer a bunch of benefits, depending on where you are getting them from. If you are considering getting a foot massage, we would recommend that you check out facebook.com/FootPalaceBraselton. However, it is important to find the massage parlor or spa after doing a bit of research so that you know that the place you are going to be worth the money you are going to spend on it. with that said, following are certain things that one should keep in mind before going in for a massage, check them out below.

Be Punctual

The biggest problem people encounter is that they think that the massage therapist did not spend enough time on their massage, however, one needs to make sure that in order to get the full experience of a massage it is important to be on time because if you yourself are late then it is not the massage therapist’s fault as they will give you the exact amount allotted for your massage.

Talk to Your Massage Therapist About The Pressure

If you like the pressure in certain spots or do not like the degree of pressure then you can convey it to your therapist and ask them to adjust it accordingly. They will always be accommodating to their clients’ requests so make sure that you frankly tell them about your own conditions if you have any.

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Steely Dan’s Contribution to American Music

Steely Dan is one of those bands that played a major role in shaping American music, the band was insanely popular back in the day, having sold up to 40 million albums across the world. What made them so popular? The book “Major Dudes” written by Barney Hoskyns revealed just that, its writer takes an in-depth look at Steely Dan’s rise to fame in the 1970s, and in doing so, it highlights all the musical and lyrical brilliance that the band’s originators put into it.

Major Dudes start off by exploring the band’s originators’ (Becker and Fagen) pre-band days, delving into their solo days, then covering numerous interviews and essays about their time with Steely Dan and finally ends with the death of Walter Becker (one of the originators) in 2017. Hoskyns’ work shows the many phases that the band went through over the years, starting off with influence from American TV and radio, and later on taking a turn towards more jazzy beats. It was not until their relocation to Los Angeles that the band developed its signature “ruthless cool” style that made many people fall in love with Steely Dan’s work.

A really interesting thing about Major Dudes is that the book relies mostly on interviews, reviews and other materials about the band that were written by journalists, this allows the book to provide a much more raw and critical look at Steely Dan’s career than a normal biography ever could. The material in the book reveals many things about the band and its founders that you might not be able to pick up in a normal biography, such as the band member’s attitudes and ways of handling things.

Anyone wanting to get a proper idea of how people took Steely Dan’s work and how did the band manage to carve its own genre will not be let down, there are numerous extracts from essays and reviews that give us a pretty good idea of how was Steely Dan’s noticeably different take on music received at first and how did people begin to get accustomed to it. Their lyrics were often referred to as being sinister and cynical and many people would describe the band’s founders as sociopathic due to their incredibly perfectionist attitude in the studio.

There is a lot that the Major Dudes reveals and explores in great depth, however the book does get repetitive at times as the same topics can be found across the numerous interviews that the book has in it. Fortunately, the repetitive does nothing more that make it a bit boring to read at times, Major Dudes is a superb read for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of what drove Steely Dan; what inspired its music and what did the founders go through in order to bring their take on American music to the mainstream and make it so popular that it ended up leaving a lasting mark on the history of American music.

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A Look at Everything That Makes Die Hard The Best Action Movie of All Time

The Die Hard series had its first debut in 1988, (over three decades ago) and even now it is perhaps one of the most captivating action movies that Hollywood has to offer. In order to celebrate the series 30th birthday, let’s take a look at everything that made this movie special and make it worth watching over and over again.

The Antagonist

Hans Gruber is easily one of the best action movie heroes that Hollywood has ever produced, played by Allan Rickman, his charmingly suave and insanely vicious depiction of the character is always fun to watch.

The Protagonist

Die Hard was Bruce Willis’ big break, before then he was just an average TV actor who know one knew, but he played the role of John McClane very well and made Die Hard all the more fun to watch.

The Intense Action

While showing action in an action movie is easy to do, it takes a lot more effort and skill in order to deliver a feeling of intensity along with all the action. The team behind Die Hard put their all into it and produced a movie that was loaded with intense moments that made you stay on the edge of your seat as John McClane trudged through it all.

The Holiday Spirit

Die Hard came out in July, but the movie had a Christmas setting that gave it a touch of the holiday spirit. The debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not still rages on to this day, and it will remain a popular holiday time re-watch option for many of us.

Holly Gennaro

McClane’s wife, played by Bonnie Bedelia is a fascinating action movie heroine, despite being a hostage, her role is pretty badass and she has plenty of moments where she takes the lead.

The Attention to Detail

Action movies usually only focus on the action, meaning that they end up compromising on the plot and on finer details that make a movie feel more polished. Die Hard is one of those few movies that provide a superb balance between insane action and attention to detail, there are several scenes in the movie that feel all the more wholesome because all the finer details that have been worked on in them. For instance, when McClane tries to wear Tony’s shoes but they do not fit him.

The Supporting Cast

Even the side characters are given their own moments to shine on camera, this not only made every character feel more fleshed out, but also made sure that there was not a single boring moment throughout the entire movie.

All The Great Lines

Die Hard is brimming with lines that are just great for quoting, ranging from pure badass lines to humorous ones that any Die Hard fan would have memorised by now.

The Series as a Whole

The first part of Die Hard led to the production of several other movies about John McClane and him being hard to kill, while not all of them were great, they were definitely fun to watch.

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Mind-Blowing Sci-Fi Movies That You Can Watch on Netflix

Netflix has been a godsend for movie fanatics across the world, providing us with access to thousands of shows and movies to watch, ranging from timeless classics to some of the most recent hits. You no longer have to pay a premium in-order to get early access to a movie and you can stream on your TV, phone or your computer from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

A decade ago, the concept of having such easy access to so many movies would have been something straight out of science fiction. Speaking of Sci-Fi, Netflix has a ton of great science fiction movies to offer, many of which explore broad concepts about the future, so let’s take a look at some of the most striking and thought provoking Sci-Fi movies that you can stream at this very moment if you have access to Netflix.

The Signal

This sci-fi movie offers a mixture of all the factors that one might expect to see in a sci-fi flick and then livens them up with a sprinkle of mystery and thrill, this mind bender should be discussed as little as possible (to avoid spoilers) and can only be appreciated once you watch it, so we will not be going into too much detail about its plot.

The Similars

A slightly trippy sci-fi movie, The Similars is about a group of eight people who take shelter from a hurricane at the same bus stop. The movie is set in 1968 and it follows their story as they all begin to realize that their faces are transforming into the same likeliness.

April And The Extraodinary World

Set in an alternate reality where industrial progress took a halt after the coal age, this movie is set in an entirely deforested Europe in which a young girl heads out to trace her kidnapped parents, and in doing so she discovers something incredibly huge.


Set in a bleak world where more than 45 percent of the population is unemployed and the only way to move up the hierarchal ladder of society is to have money and connections, a mother decides to sacrifice everything in order to give her gifted daughter a proper chance at life.


This movie is set in a world where a virus afflicts everyone with varying degrees of amnesia, leaving everyone lost and confused about their past and future. This movie provides us with a look at how people learn to live in such a world.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show follows Truman, whose life is a reality show without him actually knowing that, it follows his story as he begins to learn the truth and his world starts to crumble all around him.


A sci-fi flick set in space, Moon is about an astronaut who mines the moon, however after an accident he heads back to his base to find out something quite frightening, saying anything more would end up spoiling the movie.

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